PE Review Silver Subscription

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Hundreds of civil engineers have used our Silver “Video on Demand” Course to help them prepare for and pass the PE Exam, and so can you. The PE Review Silver Membership is an efficient and effective way to prepare for the PE Exam. To get the most out of the course, we suggest you follow the track outlined below in the How it Works section, as well as encourage you to try the problems on your own at first, check your work, then go and watch the video.

How it Works

How it Works Flowchart

  1. Download a PDF file for the topics you want to review. The file will contain about eight problems with detailed partial solutions.
  2. Try to solve the problems, on your own.
  3. Take a peek at the partial solution and fill in the blanks.
  4. Open the Flash video and watch and listen to the Instructor walk you through the solution.
  5. Go back and watch and listen to the Flash video as many times as you like.

Silver Subscription Course Content

Five PE disciplines:

  1. Construction
  2. Geotechnics
  3. Structures
  4. Transportation
  5. Water Resources & Environmental


Module Title Description
Earthworks, Construction & Layout Excavation and embankment (cut & fill); Borrow pit volumes; Site layout & control
Scheduling & Economics Construction sequencing; CPM network analysis; Engineering Economics
Material Quality Control & Temp Structures Material testing (e.g., concrete, soil, asphalt); Concrete mix design
Estimatng quantities & Costs Quantity take-off methods; Cost estimating
Construction operations & methods Lifting and rigging; Cranes, erection, & stability; Dewatering and pumping; Equipment production; Productivity analysis & improvement


Module Title Description
Sampling, Classification, Soil Phase Relationships Soil classification; Index properties; Phase relationships;
Permeability & Pavements Permeability of fine & coarse grained soils; Pavement design criteria & loading
Compaction & Consolidation Compaction testing & optimum water content; Consolidation & settlement
Shear Strength & Effective Stress Shear strength properties, tests, and parameters; Effective stress
Earth Retaining Structures Lateral earth pressures; Passive & Active Pressures; Cantilever & Mass Concrete Retaining Walls


Module Title Description
Loadings Dead loads, Live loads, Construction loads
Analysis I Statically determinate analysis
Mechanics of Materials SF & BM diagrams; Flexure, shear, tension, compression, deflection; Concrete & Steel; Member Design
Analysis II Non-linear loads, statically indeterminate systems, ultimate forces and moments
Structural Design ACI 318, eccentricity, concrete design, steel design


Module Title Description
Traffic Analysis, Speed & Flow Speed analysis, Traffic Flow Theory
Traffic Analysis – Intersections & Signals Intersection design: controlled & uncontrolled
Geometric & Alignment Design (AASHTO) Horizontal & Vertical Curve Design;, acceleration & deceleration
Geometric & Roadway Design The Green Book: Curve design, Superelevation
Transportation Planning & Capacity (HCM) The HCM: capacity & LOS for Freeways, multilane segments, rural & urban highways
Highway Safety Crash rates, Accident analysis

Water Resources & Environmental

Module Title Description
Wastewater Treatment Wastewater flow rates (e.g., municipal, industrial, commercial), Unit operations and processes, Primary, Secondary & Biological treatment
Water Treatment Stream degradation (e.g., thermal, base flow, TDS, TSS, BOD, COD), Oxygen dynamics (e.g., oxygenation, deoxygenation, oxygen sag curve), Risk assessment and management, Toxicity, Biological & Chemical Indicator organisms
Energy dissipation, Sub/Super Critical Flow Energy dissipation, Subcritical & supercritical flow
Hydraulics & Open Channel Flow Open-channel flow (e.g., Manning’s equation), Culvert design
Hydrology Hydrographs application; Rainfall intensity, duration, and frequency curves, time of concentration; Runoff analysis & the Rational methods