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The Gold subscription gives you all the practice exams, the video on demand, and access to the Instructor who delivers a series of nine live webinars. The Gold subscription is built around the webinars, so you have to keep up. It is a more structured approach,  so that you go through all the material week-by-week. Click How it Works for a more in depth description on how it works.

Is the Gold Subscription for you?

If you can answer yes to all three of the following questions, the new Live Web PE Preparation Course is made for you:

  1. Are you serious about passing the PE Exam, next time?
  2. Are you prepared to put in 18 hours of webinars to get you started?
  3. Are you prepared to follow up with 12 weeks of private study connected to your Instructor and class mates?

Live web sessions

  • Live web-based video delivered directly to your desktop
  • All you need is a computer with a high-speed connection and speakers or headphones
  • No phone-in requirement – audio by VoIP
  • See, hear, and Instant Message chat to the Instructor
  • Sessions recorded if you miss or want to review
  • Contains all of  Video on Demand and Practice Exam Content
  • Nine webinar sessions in Spring and Fall
  • Work offline and then follow-up

Summary of Gold Instruction & Support

Date Frequency Problems
Live Web Instruction weekly (9 total) 300+
Timed Online Practice Exams every week 180
Access to video recordings up to three exam cycles 215
Follow up e-mail to Instructor up to three exam cycles unlimited

Gold Subscription Duration

Video on Demand and Timed Online Practice Exams: from the day you subscribe to April 2017 (or until you pass the PE)

Spring 2017 Live Webinar Schedule

5 – 7pm Central (Wednesdays)

Date Agenda
Jan 11, 2017 Construction (breadth)
Jan  18, 2017 Geotechnics (breadth)
Jan 25, 2017 Structures (breadth)
Feb 1, 2017 Water & Environmental (breadth)
Feb 8, 2017 Transportation I (depth)
Feb 15, 2017 Transportation II (depth)
Feb 22, 2017 Transportation III (depth)
Mar 1, 2017 Review (all disciplines)

When to subscribe

You can subscribe anytime.


Discipline Topics
Construction [Breadth]
  • Earthworks, Construction & Layout: Excavation and embankment (cut & fill), Site layout & control
  • Scheduling & Economics: Construction sequencing, CPM network analysis, Engineering Economics
  • Material Quality Control & Testing (e.g., concrete, soil, asphalt); Concrete mix design
  • Temporary Structures; Estimating quantities & Costs: Quantity take-off methods; Cost estimating
  • Construction operations & methods: Lifting and rigging; Cranes, erection, & stability; Equipment production; Productivity analysis & improvement
Geotechnics [Breadth]
  • Sampling, Soil Classification, Soil Phase Relationships: Index properties;
  • Permeability of fine & coarse grained soils;
  • Pavement design; Compaction testing & optimum water content; Consolidation & settlement
  • Shear strength properties, tests, and parameters; Effective stress
  • Lateral earth pressures; Passive & Active Pressures; Cantilever & Mass Concrete Retaining Walls
Structures [Breadth]
  • Loadings: Dead loads, Live loads, Construction loads
  • Analysis: Statically determinate analysis
  • Mechanics of Materials: Shear Force & Bending Moment diagrams; Flexure, shear, tension, compression, deflection; Timber Structures;
  • Steel: Columns, Beams, Connections
  • Concrete: Reinforcement, LRFD, Columns, Walls, Foundations, Member Design
Water & Environmental Engineering [Breadth]
  • Energy dissipation, Sub/Super Critical Flow; Hydraulics & Open Channel Flow;
  • Hydrology: Hydrographs application; Rainfall intensity, duration, and frequency curves, time of concentration; Runoff analysis & the Rational methods
  • Wastewater Treatment: Wastewater flow rates (e.g., municipal, industrial, commercial), Unit operations and processes, Primary, Secondary & Biological treatment
  • Water Treatment: Stream degradation, Oxygen dynamics
Transportation [Breadth and Depth]
  • Traffic Analysis: Speed & Flow, Intersections & Signals
  • Geometric: The Green Book (AASHTO) 2011, Horizontal & Vertical Curve Design; Superelevation,
  • Transportation Planning & Capacity (HCM) 2010 Capacity & LOS for Freeways, multilane segments, rural & urban highways
  • Intersection design, Traffic Signal Design
  • Highway Safety: Crash rates, Accident analysis

100 additional problems.


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Employer Sponsored Pricing

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Number of Engineers Cost per subscriber
1 – 5 $999
6 – 10 $850
11 – 15 $750
16 – 20 $650
21 – 24 $500

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