PE or FE Exam? Early birds get the worm!

Why should you be thinking about the PE or FE exams at Thanksgiving time?  You should because now is the time to prepare for the April Exam.  The earlier you start your preparation, the following will happen: you’ll have a gentler preparation time – less work per week the material will sink in better – […]

FE Exam Subscription

We launched the new FE Exam (Civil) subscription to help prepare for the new FE Exam.  The subscription offers six full-length (5 hour plus) practice exams, just like the real exam.  Each exam is different.  Each follows the exact format of the actual exams.  Each offers detailed scores, and solutions.   There are also specialist […]

PE Exam to go online?

NCEES has launched the computer-based exam for the FE.  This means engineers sitting the FE will no longer fill in the little circles with a pencil for their answers.  My guess is that the computer-based PE Exam for Civil engineers will be coming.  So if you find working directly to a screen, instead of on […]

Everyone Wants to Pass the PE Exam…

New Year Resolution: get my PE License!  How many of us put of that beast of an exam or worse yet, try the exam again without proper preparation and practice?  I heard a politician on the radio the other day.  He was talking about the Fiscal Cliff, taxes, and entitlements.  He was explaining how how […]

Chemical PE’s on the Rise?

Did you know that other disciplines are increasing their requirement for professional licensure?  In the wake of the Gulf Oil-spill, PE’s will now have to approve oil rig systems.  Maybe Chemical PE’s will catch up with Civil PE’s, one-day.